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This Homepage is for all Blues guitar players out there! Over the years I´ve collected a lot of Blues guitar chords, tabs, PowerTab & GuitarPro files on my harddisk.

And I decided to put them online for all people who love to play their favorite Blues songs. I´m just a Blues fan myself who likes to play his favorite songs on the guitar!


All the files on this website are their author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song.
All tab files with references to any artist are interpreted as what the transcriber hears the artist's song
to be, and not meant to be actual transcribtions of copyrighted matrial.
I encourage that you purchase the artist's album and official sheet music.

A big Thank you to all the people who sent me tabs and help me with their support!

The list of artists and bands is sorted by the first letter of their first name or band name. E.g. B.B. King is found under the letter B!

Last Update: October 2016
(more then 170 new tabs online!).

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And now enjoy the tabs and chord files!
Dirk Hagemann